Bean Counters
with a Difference

The difference is, that we offer Creative Financial Services assisting people & businesses attain their goals.

Based on the premise that you should expect the highest quality expertise combined with responsive, proactive, personalized service. We really do take an active interest in our clients important business decisions. You can trust us to anticipate and suggest innovative solutions... not just respond.



We believe when viewing your business like a wheel, the hub of the wheel is finance. Control over your finance and accounting is crucial to ensure both stability and planned growth. When monitoring the overall health of your business it is essential that you have and understand your financial statements. Accurate, timely and meaningful information allows you to both address problems and make informed decisions for the future. We believe that understanding and interpreting this data is paramount in the overall management of your operation.


We prepare both personal and corporate income tax returns, ensuring that our clients are taking advantage of all current tax credits and shelters. Tax planning with our company can help to minimize your income tax burden.


We assist entrepreneurs or companies who are in the planning stages of starting, buying or expanding their business. We work with our clients step by step in developing a business plan that outlines their goals and needs. Areas of review include the following;

  • Review and analyze your business goals and objectives

  • Define, update or expand the business owner’s vision.

  • Develop a business strategy to achieve your goals.

  • Review performance to ensure the money is being spent effectively.

Overall, we offer clients;

  • Quality, cost effective financial and administrative services.

  • Improve financial reporting to facilitate better management decision making.

  • Improve procedures to enhance organizational structure

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